Get Started

The DISC experience begins with a personalized on boarding program, where we carefully analyze every client’s current business processes and construct a timeline for rolling out solutions. Our extensive background has allowed us to refine this process and address all of the logistics necessary for a successful Phase 1 launch. We cover everything from operations and accounting to product preferences and order history.

We also provide our clients with a customized “MyDaycon” portal to manage their online DISC experience, and we have the ability to customize hundreds of reports, like TKexample and TK example. And when it comes to training, DISC is there for you. Our clients have access to a wide variety of training programs that cover ordering, research, and general information, as well as customer-specific programs designed to focus on that client’s greatest needs. We can also produce custom video and testing materials in both English and Spanish.

Contact  Melisa Dement at 301.218.7156 or to learn how you can get started with DISC.