How We Help

If you touch the property ownership, management, or servicing business, DISC can go to work for you. We engage with all different levels of decision makers; up and down the chain, we can help you conserve two precious commodities—money and time. DISC manages 496 locations and 19,529,354 dollars in annual inventory. In 2013, DISC provided properties with 18,508 items (of which 10,659 were one-time requests) and managed 32,228 transactions on behalf of our clients.

Building Owners and Senior Execs

  • Focus on the profit. Our streamlined process allows your managers and service teams to work on attracting and retaining residents instead of focusing on the widget.
  • Maximize renovation impact by using our best-in-class supply partners, who can help you manage renovations in the most cost-effective way.
  • Maximize labor-investment return through our superior training methods. Leave those expensive contractors behind!
  • Reduce your cash layout by reducing excess inventory.
  • Extend the life of your capital investments by using your service teams’ extra time on preventative maintenance.
  • Stay connected to what’s happening in each community through the MyDaycon portal

Property Managers

  • Reduce paperwork with our simplified and consolidated reports.
  • Reduce vendor interactions and focus on the bigger picture: attracting and retaining residents.
  • Design consulting will help you maximize your renovation dollars to improve your marketability.
  • Maximize service managers’ time on property to keep them focused on residents’ needs. Less time in the shop equals more time on the property!
  • Make residents happier by reducing maintenance response times.
  • Detailed tracking and reporting of monies spent, using our finely tuned systems.
  • Save money with our effective inventory control.

Service Managers

  • Effectively organize your shop by utilizing our knowledge of key item inventory—including the optimal placement of each part.
  • Save time by using us as your single source for all product needs. Our process saves an average of 5 work hours per week
  • Dedicated Field Service Representative (FSR) whose sole responsibility is to ensure your satisfaction. [RB: Use “designated” instead of dedicated? Could be interpreted that each FSR looks after only 1 property, which I’m assuming isn’t the case.]
  • Access the best in class products & resources through our vast, experienced DISC Tier 2 vendor network.
  • Cut down busy work—we’ll stock your shelves and even remove the trash!
  • Improve Service Technician productivity with materials that are easy to find.