At DISC, we solve problems related to procurement, inventory management, lack of standardization, and last-minute product needs every day. And we can help you, too, with a supply-chain management program as the hub. We offer:

  • On-site inventory management. We won’t just clean up your maintenance shops—we’ll transform them. Think organized, bar-coded bins, all stocked at appropriate levels. No more running out of product or having a backlog of items you’ll never use.
  • One-stop solution. You’ll have a single point of contact. Questions? Problems? Your point person is just one call away—and always on call for you.
  • Sourcing and application expertise. We’ll manage your inventory while we help you improve it. Our experts bring a wealth of industry knowledge to help you choose the most cost-effective products, speed installation, and reduce replacement and operations costs.
  • Resource management technology. We like to track EVERYTHING. And our cutting-edge system has been fine-tuned to optimize inventory levels and maximize cost savings. In addition, we provide your purchasing and accounting departments with detailed and clear usage summaries, budgeting reports, and more.

The upshot for you? Using our proven system, you can expect reductions in:

  • Outside contracting costs, since service teams can do the same or more work in less time.
  • Inventory investment and carrying costs through stock optimization.
  • Reduction in supply and procurement costs through inventory standardization.
  • Greater control and oversight of the work and products moving through your communities.

With DISC, the opportunities for productivity improvement include:

  • Reducing the number of hours your service teams spend dealing with inventory and vendors.
  • Giving your service teams the training they need to put time saved to more productive use.
  • Reducing apartment turnover time.

This leads to improvements in:

  • Aesthetics and cleanliness
  • Safety
  • Resident relations and retention
  • Responsiveness to repairs and complaints

And that leads to happy residents